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Revenge: 3x21 - Impetus (HQ Stills) (x)

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Revenge: 3x20 - Revolution (HQ Stills) (x)

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the best of | 3x19 Allegiance

Victory can never be achieved alone. Allegiances must be forged to overcome superior forces - some born from a shared goal, others out of desperate need. But for a union to succeed, one must determine if an ally is truly a friend or merely an enemy in disguise.

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Emily at the Green American Awards.

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Anonymous inquired:

Do you know if the show has been renewed, you seemed to know last year...

If I did know that information I couldn’t divulge any of it until after the official confirmation from ABC anyway, which will likely be in the middle of May as it’s always been.  So hold tight to that question and I’ll answer it again after teh announcement, how about that?

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Anonymous inquired:

Are there any plans for a season four? Ps can I have jacks number haha x

We will find out in May whether the show has been picked up or not, and Jack lost his phone so I’m sure his number will be changing, sorry.

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Anonymous inquired:

Who do you really love?

I want to love Aiden but I don’t know if I can trust him, and since pushing him away I know that I’m losing him and that he may not come back.

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Anonymous inquired:

Hi Emily, what kind of material arts you trained with Takeda?

Takeda and I trained in many different styles. I needed to be able to adapt to whatever I was being confronted with very quickly.

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